Branding Besties

Let's Be

A 4 month, 1:1 adventure to discovering, creating, & launching your most authentic, 6 figure brand.

Month 1: Let's Get intimate

If we're going to be besties, I need to KNOW your freaking heart & soul! This first month is where we do the inner and mindset work to build your brand. In this first month we cover...

Astrology Charts
Brand strategy
brand voice
messaging strategy

Month 2: time to get colorful

Now that we know each other, it's time for everyone else in your circle to know the real you too! This is where I create brand design using color, texture, pattern, & imagery that sets the tone for your unique aesthetic.

brand design
canva queen course
instagram coaching

Month 3: It's a lifestyle

Okay, we know what makes you sparkly, we know your aesthetic, let's share it with the fucking world! This third month as besties is all about making your brand your lifestyle. We'll create...

brand anchors & lifestyle
Brand photography
website strategy & preparations

Month 4: time to break the internet

We wrap up our time as besties by creating a website that launches your brand and (hopefully!) breaks the internet. You'll get to choose from one of my Showit website templates & we'll launch your site!

showit website template customization
full brand & site launch
embodying your brand
brand glamour spell

You'll leave these 4 months with a totally custom & unique brand, strategy for moving forward, the know-how to implement, & a website to sell to your dream clients.

if you're tired of not making money, of feeling inconsistent, and disenchanted with your diy brand, no question-you need this.

im here to be your bff through this whole thing. to take your heart & soul and put it in your brand. to teach you how to make your brand your lifestyle so selling is as simple as being yourself. 

what are you waiting for?

investment $5,000

investment $5,000

pay in full

8 payments

A one time investment of $5,000.

8 monthly payments
of $625

4 Payments

4 monthly payments
of $1250

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