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Intuitive Astrology 101 Course

activate your celestial dna

Your soul and journey are literally written in the stars. It's time to reconnect & rediscover the ancient cosmic language that lives within you.

I don't read astrology like everyone else; I read it with my soul. When I look at a chart, it has it's own pulse. A rhythm, a heartbeat, a story to tell and a life of it's own. I credit this style to fusing my intuition into my readings.

Astrology is the root or the framework, but integrating cards, psychic techniques, and other divination tools takes an astro reading to the next level.

Many of us have lived lifetimes before where we have been keepers of the stars, priestesses, or oracles. We feel it in our soul. It's time to heed the call and learn to translate the star language of the ancients.

Have you ever...

→ Felt a spark inside yourself whenever you read or hear about astrology?

→Look up at the sky at night and feel a sense of belonging or homesickness?

→ Craved to know yourself on a deeper, soul level?

→ Wanted to tap into your intuition & psychic abilities?

→ Tried to learn astrology but the books, podcasts, and webinars are causing more confusion than clarity?

→ Felt in your heart & soul that you are here to learn astrology and interpret the stars?

Why me? Why now?

Your magic is needed now. Your light is needed now. Your inner knowing and healing are needed right now. The planet's vibration is calling the mystics, the starseeds, and the lightworkers. We must answer it's call.

By joining this journey of mystical remembering, your intention is to tap into your innate divine intelligence and establish a connection filled with awe and respect for your ability to see, perceive, and navigate the astral plane. If you are getting truthbumps reading these words, it's your cells and DNA remembering the truth of your very being. Calling you to trust this knowing in your body and know that this journey will help guide you to knowing the deepest parts of yourself that long to be free.


brand designer, sound & energy healer, astrologer, & mystic

More about moi

I am a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, & Gemini Rising. I’m a brand designer, sound healer, reiki practitioner, and intuitive astrologer. I help mystics, witches & weirdos embrace & embody their most sparkly, mesmerizing, authentic selves.

I'm totally here to...
-create magical AF websites
-lead enchanting sound ceremonies
-interpret the language of the stars
-create space for healing & magic
-lead women's circles to heal the sister wound

I live in south central PA with my fiercely supportive and loving husband, Tom and my familiar Mr. Beefy, the most precious Boston Terrier there ever was.

I’m so glad you’re here, and stoked to explore the realms of the seen—our physical body, the tangible creation of aesthetic—& the unseen—imagination, possibility, the quantum realms of magic.


The Stars are Within You

The Flow

This course is taught virtually through the Thinkific platform. There are 16 modules to get you from astro curious to novice reader.

We will have 2 live Q&A calls to ask questions, learn deeper, and grow in our studies.

This course will teach you to no longer look, but to truly see. As above, so below.

the finer details...

course details

Section 01


The first set of modules lay the groundwork for which all further layers rest. You'll learn the signs of the zodiac, the houses, elements & modalities, and all about intuition.

Section 02


This second set of modules teach on the luminaries (sun & moon), chart ruler, the planets, and the angles. The second section is design to allow for the process of layering your knowledge.

Section 03


In section 3, you will learn how to begin weaving the story and connecting the dots. Modules on aspects, the North & South Nodes, integrating cards, and creating the container will guide you on fusing all of the lessons together.



To end this course, you will receive instructions, tips & tricks, and see examples of how to read a chart. 





Lifetime access to all modules and any updates of video content in Thinkific

Handouts on the astrological signs, houses, luminaries, and intuitive exercises

Two LIVE 60-minute Q&A calls

Special discount code for a beautiful print of your birth chart by Little MoonFace Designs to view your birth chart

your chart

your tools

oracle or tarot deck of your choosing for intuitive practices

your pen

journal for documentation and reflection

Required Materials:

What's Included:

Are you ready to answer the call?

Do you feel that pull in your chest? That sense of knowing you've done this before and you're here to remember?

Heed the call and begin your Astral Awakening.

How long is the Course?

This is completely at your own pace! Take as much time as you need to integrate after each module, or binge it like Netflix and rewatch later. Whatever feels right for you!

what if i don't know my birth time?

Sometimes, we just don’t know the exact time we were born! Whether your parents can’t quite remember, lost documentation, or you’re an adoptee, it happens. The closer you can get to the exact time, the more accurate the chart. If you are really feeling called to take this course but don’t know your time of birth, please email after signing up. We can work together and pegging down a time that feels right for you.

what is your refund policy?

Here is my official Refund Policy: I want you to be intentional in everything you do. Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment. Listen to what your heart and gut are telling you. If it's a no, honor it. If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund up to 24 hours after your initial payment. After the 24 hour period, no refunds are offered.


Absolutely! You'll have the chance to ask questions during our live Q&A calls. But if it happens you can't make those, I answer questions as quickly as I possibly can via email.


The investment for this course is $600. No worries, there is a payment plan available!

is this course live?

No, this class is at your own pace through the platform Thinkific. You will be prompted to create an account where all of the modules will live. However, we will meet LIVE for two 60 minute calls! That way you have a chance to ask questions and get clarity. Those dates will be announced shortly.


The time commitment is as much as you want it to be. If you only want to digest the modules 15 minutes at a time, you do you! However, I do recommend moving through the modules start to finish in the order they are presented within 3 months if you want to learn astrology consistently.


No...but yes-let me explain! There are no tests, quizzes, or certifications. However, I will suggest small homework assignments you can complete within the Thinkific portal and get feedback on. So if you're seriously wanting to up your astrology game, you'll get feedback on assignments from me personally.

Ready to activate your celestial DNA?

Investment | $600

5 Monthly Payments of $120

One time payment of $600

Have a question that still needs answered? Ask away!

If there's anything else you need answered before investing in yourself, send it my way.

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