I have a pretty big dream. My dream is to let every woman in the world know her wants, desires, needs, and dreams are possible. That you can combine your purpose with your career. That you can pave a path that’s never been done before. That experiencing freedom and pleasure in your life is your birthright. That loving and being in your body is the true path to sovereignty. And that it will work because your unique style, approach, and offerings are written in the stars.

In 2016, my entire life was flipped upside down. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and had a massive surgery. My husband and I were told our best chance at kiddos was immediately after, and so we began our 2 year long journey of infertility. This is where I experienced not only rock bottom, but the bliss of surrender.

I found my way on this spiritual path and knew in my soul, this was happening for me-that I was here for something bigger. I found my true love of astrology and dove so deep into my chart on a quest for my purpose. As the journey has continued to unfold, I've seen how all facets of myself are destined to be fused into my work—the creative, the intuitive, the healer, the musician, and the witch. It's my intention to guide you on your journey; body, heart, and soul.

"Everything in my life has brought me here,

to this moment.

I've never felt

more me & I

am so psyched to share my gifts with you."

to this moment.


deepen into

Fav Show: The Office
Fav Drink: chai latte
HP House: Slytherin
Fav INstrument: Koshi chimes

Who is the creatrix? Who is the healer? Who is the siren? Here are the more human elements of Emily.

I've had a very colorful work history. But as much of anything in the life of an artist, everything comes together & unfolds just as it should. In perfect harmony, in perfect trust.

Licensed Comsetologist & cosmetology Teacher


Level II Reiki Practitioner

Karmic Astrologer

Bachelor's Degree in Communications & Public Relations




Sound Healer



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