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I am a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, & Gemini Rising. I help mystics, witches & healers embrace & embody their most sparkly, mesmerizing, authentic selves.

I'm totally here to...
-create magical AF brands and websites
-interpret the language of the stars
-create space for healing & magic
-help you feel fully confident in all you do

I live in south central PA with my fiercely supportive and loving husband, Tom and my familiar Mr. Beefy, the most precious Boston Terrier there ever was.

I’m so glad you’re here, and stoked to take you from confused, insecure, embarrassed, and unsure, to confident, radiant, and feeling completely seen!

Bewitching Branding

+ Web Design

know your ideal client
embody your brand archetype
Rock your custom brand aesthetic

All-inclusive branding aligned with the cosmos

Be authentic, true to yourself, and in alignment with your values. That's what Bewitching Branding will do for you.

No more icky sales tactics, no more mimicking others' success. Take the guess work out of branding and make it FUN.

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Bewitching Branding

+ Web Design

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Emily’s work is all about ALIGNMENT!

I immediately increased in followers and bookings (literally within hours of launching updates) I’ve levelled up my business in the most amazing way and if you’re looking to do the same this is an investment that will pay itself off in no time because apparently alignment is EVERYTHING. 


I have been blowing up and it's all because of my branding!

My career has taken off since connecting with Emily! There's something about what she does that not only gives direction, but lights the SPARK! There's magic infused in this alignment process.


Emily had a way of pulling my soul out
and putting it into my business.

She made me cry happy tears, I love my colors, web design and the organization. My biggest take away is that business is more a part of me than I thought!  I cannot tell you how thankful I am!


vibe with it


A podcast on all things astrology, spirituality,

Let's Vibe With It is a podcast for unfiltered conversations about spirituality and creating a network of like-minded, conscious individuals who explore all metaphysical topics with respect and a healthy dose of fun. Join Branding Astrologer Emily McCall as she talks about all things astrology, intuition, and spirituality. She'll be exploring spirituality concepts with a fresh perspective for the modern mystic who wants to raise their consciousness and have some laughs along the way. So if you're down for real talk about karma, soul-purpose, and navigating this human journey, you're at the right place.

Connect with Emily on Instagram @iamemilymccall to receive Let’s Vibe With It updates.

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